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Science;8th - Darla Ohmes

Due Date Assignment Description
3/12/2020 Materials Check Bringing materials to class
3/5/2020 Astronomy Packet Time zones and International date line
3/5/2020 Astronomy Unit Test
3/4/2020 Yummy Constellations in class
3/4/2020 IXL Q6 and R3
3/3/2020 Bill Nye Germs in class
2/26/2020 IXL E 1 and F 1
2/21/2020 Phases of the moon flip book
2/21/2020 Open Note Video Quiz Apollo 13
2/19/2020 Need 12 double stuff Oreos for project

Graded on bringing supplies.  Every student needs their own 12 oreos.

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