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Physical Education should be considered just as important as any other subject inj the school curriculum.  This program is for everyone:  skill ability does not make a difference in my classes.  The keys to success in class are the student's attitude and desire to participate and improve.  Students are expected to give 100% effort.  The goal of this physical education program is to develop "Super People" not just super stars.

Reasoning behind the "Fitness Sheets" or "Exercise Record"....
In today's world more and more children and adolescents are inactive and spend excessive time behind a computer.  Inactivity can lead to childhood obesity, which can lead to childhood diabetes. 

My hope is that students will find an activity or sport that they like to participate in and possibly continue throughout their lives.
A healthy body = Healthy mind.
A healthy mind = Healthy body.

Design your own weekly workout.  Amount of time suggested is at least 2 hours a week.  Suggested activities: Running, Jumping Rope, Swimming, Cycling, Yoga, Wii-Fit, Dance and Speed Walking.


6th, 7th and 8th: Each are weighed the same percentage.
Written Test-Over handouts
Fitness Test
Fitness Sheet
Power Point-8th

Participation- Max. points 100

Participation-S+, S or S-